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Photos courtesy of these fine folk and many, many anonymous friends
and fans. we thank you all. p.s. if you see a photo you have taken but your
name is not mentioned, let us know and we'll put you on the list too!

Mike Pazzano, Veronica Fullard, Hal Robinson, Rachel Harrison, Beth Ann
Southers, Ted Merchant, Suzan, Judy Spicer, Dave "the wash tub bass guy"
Brown, Fritz, the Wilsons, Earl c. Schlotthauer, Marguerite Jacob,

Mary Ann Konovitz, John Alfieri, Laurie Fairbanks, Jessi, Kat O'Brien,

Bill & Karan Adams, Stacy, Kat, Joey Arminio, Dale Ann Clancy, Mike Jacquays, Ryan Gallatic, John & Jean Alfieri


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