"Whiskey and Waves"

After 4 years and much nagging (we still love you all) our 6th CD "Whiskey and Waves" has arrived! huzzah! songs of drinking and songs of the "drink". Plus 2 bonus tracks about the education and the questions about love. Enjoy the music!


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"Empty Hats  - 5"

bonus dvd of the coachman

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Huzzah, Huzzah! finally, a live CD! yes, fans and friends we recorded live at a couple of concerts in Florida in the spring of 2006 and now it is ready for you!!!!! We hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did recording it. See if you can pick out yourself in the crowd noise!!   enjoy !


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Brand spankin' new, June 2004,"Captured" is by far the closest Empty Hats has ever come to recording a live CD.  Producer John Land has certainly "captured" the true and playful nature of this "wired...but unplugged band".  This CD takes you from the sublime with "A Blanket Of Night", to the ridiculous with "The Widow And The Devil", and everywhere in between!  Long awaited, and  sure to be an earful, we hope that you enjoy this "virtually live" CD as much as we enjoyed recording it and working with

John Land.         

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"Greatest Hats"

The "Greatest Hats" CD, produced by Mark Scanga in 2002, is a re-arranged, re-recorded, re-mixed, and re-mastered compilation of their earlier works with Double Indemnity.  Discover the new and wonderful changes to some of your favorite tunes, including "Donald Mcgillavry" and "Ramblin' Rover".

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"The Hat Came Back"  

"The Hat Came Back", released in 2000, was the debut CD Empty Hats produced after recording 3 CDs under the name of "Double Indemnity".  The title song, penned by Carl Asch, was voted mp3's top 40 most requested pub songs.  This first CD is a lovely mix of traditional  and original songs and tunes including "The Two Magicians" and the always requested and ever loved "Beggars to God".



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"Songs of the Open Road"

After 3 years and 10,000 miles carl's much anticipated 3rd solo cd "Songs of the Open Road" is now available.


This album reflects the nearly 30 years of Carl's travels and the very talented musicians he has met along the way. each song has been recorded with a different band in a different city in America. he is joined by the likes of Cantiga, Coyote Run, Peter Suarez, and Candace Night from Blackmore's Night. There's Zydeco, Bluegrass, Jazz and World Music with a cast of nearly a hundred.

If you would like to download the cd, please visit www.carlasch.com

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"Three Chords and the Truth"

Carl's eagerly awaited new CD has finally arrived. "Three Chords and the Truth" is a beautiful collection of ballads and classical guitar pieces. With songs like "Julia Clare" by Ciara Carinci, "Lately", "Island" and "Willowwood", this very personal and haunting album will be a wonderful addition to your Empty Hats collection.   

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"Compass Rose"

"it's finally here!!!!! carl's second solo cd now available.


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"Saponi di Giacomo"

as enticing as the maker, this soap is sure to please. Many "flavors" to choose from. Click HERE to order.



"Lucy's Looney Bin"

 full of stuffe!.............lucy dolls, bookmarks, magnets, x's and handknit scarves. Click HERE to order.


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